Thursday, 17 April 2014

My babies first operation...

A scary thought for any parent especially a mummy but I knew this was inevitable.I thought it would be a good idea to put up an extra happy pic of Cali to mask how much I'm actually shitting myself.

So from the time Cali was born she was very snuffley and a very noisy breather and has been snoring hard pretty much since birth. After seeing the doctors they said she has asthma, but I have asthma I don’t struggle as much as her so I got her a referral to ENT where after doing various tests and x-rays they told me she had enlarged adenoids. At that point that meant nothing to me because I was thinking wtf is an adenoid? Basically it’s the bit above your tonsils between the nasal passage and the throat that along with your tonsils is there to keep germs out. They then said children tend to have big adenoids but they shrink as they get older so they didn’t feel the need to operate on her at such a young age (she was only 2) they said to keep an eye and wait until she starts school.

So I’ve been watching her and nothing’s changed, she still really struggles to breathe through her nose and almost exclusively breathes through her mouth. I used to think that she just wasn’t an affectionate child as she would refuse to kiss me and would always prefer me to kiss her but then I realized that because she breathes through her mouth when she does kiss me I guess to some extent she’s holding her breath and then gasps for air after. Even things like eating her food are an ordeal as she can’t close her mouth and eat and now I’m wondering if she can actually taste her food or if she just has favourite foods based on their texture and not their taste.
Night times are scary because
she snores soooooo hard and then she does that thing where she sounds like she’s gagging and stops breathing for maybe a second or 2 (which is like eternity) and then I can’t sleep because I’m constantly checking on her to see that she’s still breathing and then because RD breathes so light it sounds like he’s not breathing compared to Cali so I’m always checking him too, OMG it’s a nightmare.

So anyway fast forward to 5 years old and every time I’ve taken her to the Doctors they’ve all been shocked at how big her tonsils are, so after the school nurse was also concerned about her hearing test results I took her back to ENT where they decided they would take out her tonsils and her adenoids and put in grommets as well. Which is what I was expecting. To be honest I just want her better. I hate seeing her going through regular painful ear infections (she will literally scream uncontrollably as soon as she gets one) as well as being completely off balance and having nasty falls all the time and gagging while she’s asleep. 

The doctor was also concerned that recently she’s been falling asleep at school (although she goes to bed at 7pm) and is worried that because of the gagging at night she’s not getting a proper sleep which in the long run will affect her well being.

I am probably 10 times more concerned than the doctors so I actually can’t wait for her to get the operation, but at the same time it’s scary that my baby is gonna be admitted into hospital and be staying overnight for a big operation. After the op she has to stay home from school for 2 weeks and can’t be around ‘new germs’ so basically we will be locked up in the flat for 2 whole weeks, which to me is the hard part. But I’m looking forward to Cali feeling better and not struggling to breathe anymore.

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