Monday, 10 March 2014

Packing Cubes

If like me you love to be super organised when you're packing for holiday then you may wanna try a packing cube. Although it's more rectangle than cube they're good for sorting out your clothes into completely different sections as they come in a variety of sizes so nothing gets mixed up. You pack them in the cube and because the cube is quite flat it frees up more room. I guess it also makes you re-evaluate what you are actually packing so technically you shouldn't really go overweight. Also you don't just have to just use them in your suitcase you can also use them in hold alls/weekend bags. I'm now gonna go on the hunt to find a cheap version because I really feel that these will help me because although I believe I pack well I'm always one of those people by the scales transferring clothes between suitcases to get the weight down so that I won't be charged extra.

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