Sunday, 16 March 2014

New trainers.. once again

It never fails to amaze me how quickly children grow, I swear I have nightmares that I will wake up one day to 2 basketball player looking children towering over my bed saying 'Mummy our clothes don't fit'
It's literally like RD shot up over night, his waist legs and feet expanded, luckily my dad brought him jeans that were too long for him for Christmas so he still has a few things that fit but a lot of his cute 'weekend jeans' do not fit at all and his nursery trainers don't fit either so I've literally just ordered cute replacement pairs from SportsDirect and George. I got him 2 Spiderman pairs, because as you know I refuse to spend off a tonne of foolish money on Blazers or Jordans, I always go for cute, fun and colourful or cartoon looking when it comes to my kids. I always get 2 pairs one Hi Top and one normal, it just makes more sense in the long run. Hopefully his feet won't grow again unexpectedly anytime soon, but saying that his feet had been the same size for a good while so I guess it was time for them to grow.
I thought I was gonna save money on his summer clothes as I thought all his old summer clothes would fit this summer, but going by the rate at which he's growing this doesn't sound very likely. Oh well #Joysofmotherhood :)

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