Thursday, 20 March 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun, Fun, Fun...

So recently I've noticed an increase in RD's tantrums and he will now throw one anytime he doesn't get his own way. He has also now started screaming very loudly when he doesn't want to do as he's told, OMG it's sooo much fun and doesn't make your ears ring at all...  and he's is soooo determined, like when he doesn't wanna do as he's told he will let it be known that he will not be doing as he's told and then he scream and scream and I'm like STOP THE SCREAMING!!! and then guess what he does... AAAAAAAARGH AAAAARGH AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!This has all been made worse because he's been sooooo overtired. For some bizzare reason he's been waking up around 5am ready to start the day so by the time he's finished nursery he's just soooo knackered it's like he can't even deal with the level of tiredness so he literally goes bonkers and he also will not take naps. He also loves to
throw things and the things he throws always cause some kinda damage, they will either knock things down, make things spill or catch someone. I'm really hoping that this is just a 4 year old thing, but I feel until he stops waking up so early (because he does go to bed at a decent time) he's never gonna stop being over tired and I can't get him to sleep longer so this is like a vicious cycle. This then has a knock on effect on the house and both myself and Cali will end up tired and grumpy in the mornings which then tends to result in Cali acting up too because she hasn't had enough sleep either. The only good thing thats come out of this is that now I have no problems getting them to sleep at night, then don't even question it when I say 'Bedtime' they both happily march to the bedroom and snuggle in their beds and stay there. Usually one would get out and ask for something annoying or myseriously 'need to wee' every half a second, but now theres none of that it's like they're too tired to act up at night.

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