Tuesday, 18 March 2014

2 mummies in da house

Well that's how it feels most days. Cali seems to think she is mummy and will literally repeat anything I may have said to her when she was being naughty, to RD. Sometimes I just sit back and listen and think, Oh no... I've said that before... *smh*
Recently anytime RD is being naughty in any kinda way Cali is right in there before I even get the chance to do anything, telling him off like she's me. On Friday he scooted off fast down the road and I was like RD come.. and before I could finish Cali was screaming at the top of her lungs 'RD RD COME BACK HERE, RIGHT NOW!!Then she sprinted off after him (left me there looking like a lemon), made him get off his scooter and marched him back to me while telling him off and then made him apologise to me for running off. I was just there like Oh OK... so obviously then had to throw in a 'Make sure you don't do it again' just so I felt like I was the mummy in charge again.
Even sometimes when I will tell RD to do things he will be like 'Mummy I know Cali already told me to do it' I just don't get how this child is so quick, it's like I can't take a breath around her otherwise she will say what needs to be said before me it's almost like she's my mouth!

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