Thursday, 13 February 2014

Zero Baggage Challenge

After seeing this posted on Travel Noires Instagram page I thought hmm... Interesting. It’s probably doable if you’re travelling solo but I don’t know how that would work if you’re travelling with small kids. It’s a god idea though because after you've completed the challenge, it would definitely make you re-evaluate the way you pack, because lets face it, most of us mummies will pack the most amount of unnecessary bollocks that we blatantly know doesn’t even fit us properly and we will never wear it.
The Zero Baggage challenge is basically about taking no luggage at all on your trip, obviously you can carry a few essentials and you can buy or borrow stuff along the to way but the main aim is:
About simplifying material belongings and being present with life rich experiences
So if you’re going travelling this month, even if it’s just a dirty little weekend away and wanna give this a go then there's loads more info over at Travel Noire.

Good Luck!

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