Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Time for a new suitcase

So I’ve been looking for suitcases as mine is completely destroyed and the kids don’t officially have a real suitcase.
I initially wanted a fancy 4 wheeled suitcase, but after talking to a guy that owns a well known bag shop in town (This bag shops been there since I was very little) I’ve now decided to stick with the not so fancy or as pricey 2 wheeled suitcase.
The bag shop guy basically told me that unless you buy an expensive branded 4 wheeled suitcase, and then don’t bother, as the wheels break off very easily on the cheaper models as they’re simply attached externally to the base whereas the more expensive models have their wheels actually built into the suitcase making them harder to snap off. He also advised me that a cheap 2 wheeled suitcase will always outlast a cheap 4 wheeled suitcase. So with that info I decided to look for a cute suitcase that stands out as opposed to the standard black one that I had.
I’ve seen some suitcases mysteriously appear in Morrisons for £25, but, the best deal I’ve seen so far is in Sports Direct. I’ve seen a bright pink set of 5 and a spotted set of 5 for a really good price. Now I don’t necessarily need 5, but it seems to work out cheaper to buy 5 than to buy 3 or 4 separately, as I need a small weekend pulley for myself 2 medium ones for the kids and a large one for me as well.
My mum thinks the kids stuff can all hold in one suitcase, but the way I see it is I pay a lot for a plane ticket and that ticket includes a free baggage allowance for the kids so I shall be taking advantage of this.
So anywayz, I’m seriously considering one of the sets I saw in Sports Direct. Annoyingly there is a black set that’s a lot cheaper, but I really don’t want another black suitcase. I want a suitcase that you can spot a mile off and be like Yep that’s mine not one where I’m like ‘oooh I think that’s mine’ *struggle to life it off & look at the tag* ‘Oh no that’s not actually mine’ *struggle to put it back on again*

I haven’t completely made up my mind yet though as I got my last suitcase from Matalan and it’s lasted around 8 years which is good for a cheap suitcase and I’m sure I paid around £20 for it... in the sales of course, you know me J

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