Saturday, 1 February 2014

School, Ofsted, Unsatisfactory....

 So recently I learned that Calis School got an ‘Unsatisfactory’ report from Ofsted. Initially I was a bit concerned then I started to wonder how much this ‘Score’ would affect me and most importantly Cali (and RD who will probably be attending the same school in September) and the answer is, it doesn’t affect any of us. The reason why I say this is because I’m the kinda parent who doesn’t rely 100% on schools to teach my children everything as I feel it’s part of my role to also teach my children things that they may/may not learn in school.

I was brought up knowing the importance of education, knowledge and most importantly homework. From a very young age I remember loving my word tin and learning new words, I also remember my mum making me speed write lines of words until the spellings stuck in my head, my sister also did a lot of reading with me and she was also the best at maths and would help me a lot with that, so I excelled from a young age and this is what I am trying to instil in my kids.
Cali maybe got lucky, because her teachers are very good and she has been doing well at school and even at nursery was described as very advanced. She tends to get some form of homework from school whether it’s copying simple letters or reading sentences and on the odd occasions that she doesn’t get any I will always give her some homework which could be anything from her word tin, learning to type her name on the laptop or her Mr Men workbooks (which are amazingly helpful by the way, Thanks Nats) I tend to see what I feel she needs work on at that particular moment and give her homework accordingly.

I know with a class of 30 plus children each child may not get the amount of attention you can personally give them at home and going from my experience at school the naughty kids tend to get most of the attention while the children who really want to learn or the advanced kids are sometimes left to get on with it, this is why the learning shouldn’t stop at 3.15. I refuse to let my kids drop behind at school because then who really is to blame, the school or me?

I went to a crap primary school, I wouldn’t be surprised if that had a few ‘Unsatisfactory’ Ofsted reports and I was very advanced to the point where I got moved up a year so I know the importance of keeping your kids challenged and stimulated. So with that being said, going to a crap school, in my opinion, has no bearing on how well your child does. You as the parent should be working in partnership with the schools/teachers and reinforcing the teaching, so really it’s up to you to some extent as to how well your child does.

Although in Ofsteds eyes the school may be failing, I will not let my children fail. I’m also optimistic that the school will be able to turn it around.

But, with that being said, if this were a conversation about secondary school I would probably have a different opinion...

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