Monday, 24 February 2014

Have you packed yet?

So I picked this Shimmering Protection Lotion by chance (basically it was on the clearance shelf in Morrisons and you know how I love a bargain) and it’s like the best Sunscreen I’ve ever used. Not only is it SPF30, which is pretty decent, it makes you look all golden and shimmery when you apply it which is fab. I didn’t even get a tiny piece of sunburn when I used it and I was in Barbados during its hottest period. I’m normally one of those people who burns easily, normally on my shoulders, nose and ears (yep random) So now that I’ve found something that actually works I want to stick with it. But the only problem is obviously I brought it very cheap (It was £2 something) and now when I’ve been looking for it, it seems to be just under £15 everywhere and there’s no way I can justify spending that kinda money on one bottle of sunscreen when I could take that £15 and buy some shorts, a couple vest tops and some flip flops from Primark.

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