Saturday, 1 February 2014

Happy Birthday RD

Soo another week in January another birthday, finally my little RD is 4. He's come so far and gone through sooo many noticeable changes. Going from not really being able to talk, having a stammer and having to see a speech therapist to being a complete chatterbox and talking very clearly with no problems in such a short space of time makes me sooooo proud.
He's the most cuddly and caring little teddy ever and will always be the first person to see if I'm OK and offer a kiss or cuddle to make me feel better. He is always better than any mirror as he will always tell you how pretty you look today.
He does have his naughty 'I'm such a boy' moments and I've also seen an increase in tantrums and screaming when he can't get his own way now that he's 4, but hopefully he will grow out of that soon.
Like his sister, he's a very switched on and intelligent little boy and he loves to observe so don't think anything you do goes unnoticed with him.
After arriving a week early on 29th January 2010 (due to my sudden craving for hot sauce) I knew life was gonna be different trying to raise a son but I seem to be doing well so far, yes, I'm taking all the glory for RD being so lovely and squashy.

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