Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Getting ready for the holiday

Soo... I’m slightly OCD when it comes to packing. The thought of mixing the kids clothes in one suitcase kinda makes me freak out a bit (hence the reason why I have to get them separate ones). I’m one of those people who packs in a very particular order so that clothes can literally just be unpacked and placed easily. Like I’ll put all the casual sandals together so they don’t get confused with the going out or beach sandals. Dressy bottoms packed next to dressy tops and dresses near to dressy sandals but not too far from standard dresses etc and I’m even more anal with my own suitcase because I also take a load of toiletries and ‘Just in case’ stuff i.e. I need to take Diarylte, just in case we get diarrhoea and I always pack anti bacterial wipes and wipe down the insides of all the drawers, shelves and hangers before I put any clothes on them, these can also be used to wipe down the toilet seat. I also take one of them funny shaped air fresheners (you know the plastic ones with the rubbery smelly thing inside) for the bathroom and kitchen (if I’m going self catering) because I can’t take random smells that linger.
I always unpack as soon as I get to the room because I can’t take living out a suitcase and I always take extra hangers for me plus kids hangers as I love to just iron everything and hang it straight away then lock up my suitcase and put it away and not deal with it again until the end of the holiday. I can’t even explore because I can’t concentrate until all my stuff is packed away neatly. It does sound a bit obsessive but
trust me it makes life sooooo much easier in the long run as I hate pressing clothes daily. I have to press everything in one go otherwise I just won’t wear it if I have to press it on the day. I also find a clear space and line all the shoes up neatly and assign a bag as a dirty clothes basket so they don’t just end up in heaps on a chair or something. Even when I get back home as tired as I may be I still have to unpack just because I don’t want the suitcase to just be hanging around full of shit.

It’s really weird that I’m not normally an anal or obsessive person but for some reason I turn into one whilst packing/unpacking for holiday. The next time I go on holiday I may actually do a video of my packing process so you can see how bad I am because if you knew me personally you would never believe this could ever be me lol

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