Monday, 10 February 2014

First time at cinema woop woop

So I had been planning this trip for ages and anytime I went to take them to the cinema something always came up, so this week I thought, right we are going regardless. I saw the weather warnings and how it was super windy outside and just ignored that fact and packed our snacks (there was no way the budget could stretch to expensive cinema food) and we were on our way.
We went to see Free Birds (just because that's what happened to be showing at Kids am) I didn't even really bother to read what the film was about I just thought OK its a cartoon I'm taking the kids to see it. Now originally we were meant to just watch the standard movie (because that was only £1.75) then we got there late and the stupid machine wouldn't let me purchase those tickets so then we had to go to the 3D screening instead, so then I was worried about how they would get on with the glasses and the whole 3D concept but they did really well, especially Cali who sat still with her glasses on and was totally mesmerized by the film. It took RD a little longer to warm to it but once he got what was going on he snuggled up next to me and watched the film nicely.
I must admit it took my eyes a while to adjust to the whole 3D thing, I dunno if it was because I was a bit tired but it was weird how after I had a little nap (yep I always fall asleep at the cinema) my eyes were fine.
The movie itself was cool basically it's about
2 turkeys travelling back in time (In a time machine called Steve that looked like an egg) to save past turkeys from ending up as thanks giving dinner. There's obviously a bit of adult humour, in particular with the main little girl (who is the presidents daughter I think) who is completely bonkers, maybe has a bit of ADD on top of that and clearly on some kinda strong medication resulting in her being narcoleptic too. I just found her hilarious.
But yeah, it's a good movie, the kids enjoyed it. I think I might take them to see Rio 2 next because we saw the trailer for that and it looked quite funny with a lot of adult humour. Also the kids wanna see the Lego movie but going by the trailer it looked like it may be slow in places which may result in the kids switching off, so I dunno.
But we have now got the first trip to the cinema out the way and I'm now looking forward to our next trip and I'll make sure we get there early so I can take advantage of the cheap £1.75 tickets this time instead of having to pay £3 for 3D.
Oh and I should've mentioned before if you've not heard of Kids am it's basically something that selected cinemas run on the weekends and school holidays where you can take the kids to see a movie for cheap so its either £1.75 per standard ticket or £3 for 3D. The movies are shown early in the morning like 10am but it's worth waking up early if you're saving that amount of money. Just check with your local cinema to see whats showing, then your off :-D

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