Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Customizing your suitcase

So after seeing good deals on suitcases in Sports Direct and really wanting a brightly coloured suitcase, I’ve noticed that the black set is a lot cheaper than the colourful ones. So.. what I might do is get the black set and customize them so that they don’t get confused with every other black suitcase on the carousel.
I remember seeing really colourful bag straps in the Pound Shop, you know the ones that you tie round the width of the suitcase. I’ve also seen brightly coloured handle straps that look like a sign post, that have messages on them like “Hands Off!” 
What I also tend to do is get a piece of like neon ribbon and tie it in lots of bows around both handles so that also helps my suitcase to stand out.
I may also look for little quirky things that I can stick or iron on. So I may get some cartoon characters for the kids suitcases and random bold stuff for mine so they definitely stand out. I’ve even recently seen some suitcases where people have painted things on which is something I love. Even buying all of these add ons still works out cheaper than spending more on a brightly coloured suitcase.

So now I can’t wait to start my next little project J

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