Monday, 24 February 2014

Childrens Meals

 Now I never used to book children’s meals on the plane as I figured you would get more food with a standard meal and didn’t want the kids to be hungry. But I’ve noticed that’s not the case as the kids meals are more than enough for the kids and the kids meals ALWAYS get served first which is a bonus. I learned this the hard way when Cali and I were on a packed flight to Barbados and the dinner took forever to come out and Cali was starving. I then saw a family next to me getting all their kids dinners first, obviously this annoyed me, so I asked why Cali wasn’t getting her dinner first too, as she’s also a child and I was told that the family had pre ordered kids meals and it’s those that are served first not necessarily kids eating a meal and when I looked at their meal it was a good amount of food, more or less what the adults were eating. So don’t be fooled your kids won’t starve, but I have now learned my lesson and will definitely be ordering a kids meal on our next flight for sure.

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