Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bagging a cheap holiday

If you’re trying to plan an all inclusive family holiday to Barbados and your budget can’t stretch to the exclusive family hotels such as Turtle Beach or Crystal Cove then you could try the newly reopened Almond Beach Resort.
Set on a beautiful picturesque beach on the West Coast it’s a very child friendly hotel. I stayed here with RD a few years ago before it closed down in 2012 (See review) and I must say, it’s the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. It’s huge! And they get what it means to have a family holiday so everyone is catered for.
Unlike most kids clubs, Almond Beach will actually take the kids from babies as they actually have a baby nursery with cots and well.. baby things and they have specially trained staff to look after them and then from 4 they go to the standard kids club . Also these ladies in the kids club are
actually trained professionals in childcare, like this is their passion, you won’t one day see them working in the kids club then the next day serving behind the bar then the next doing something else around the hotel. They take their job very seriously and genuinely care about the kids and making sure you get some ‘Me’ time, especially if they see you’re travelling on your own with the munchkins.
Aside from the ladies in the kids club, I remember the staff being the most helpful, happy and friendly people I’ve met and they all genuinely love their jobs and take pride in their work and make you feel like you’re at home. They all went out of their way to know our names and would always stop and say hi to us.
Also as it is on the West Coast you have the advantage of lovely calm water and a good range of free water sports as well as yummy food options.
Now, I’ve heard it’s just re-opened it’s doors (The first bookings were in January this year) and is offering very good deals to basically get people back through the doors. Now the only drawback is that it’s in the middle of a big refurb as I believe it’s eventually going to be a Beaches (by Sandals) resort, but a travel agent told me that would not complete for another 2-3 years, so in the meantime it’s re-opened under its original name Almond Beach. But, if you don’t mind renovations’ going on around you this is a very good option.
I’ve read some good reviews on the hotel and the general opinion seems to be that the hotel and staff are lovely, foods enjoyable but there’s obviously a few teething problems which are to be expected and when guests have complained about small problems with their rooms these have been rectified promptly. I’ve also read that the hotels always been near full to capacity which means the kids will be able to make lots of new friends and so will you, as it’s always nice to have a bit of adult company and conversation when it’s just you. I found I used to enjoy a bit of banter (and cocktails) with a nice group of adults by the bar in the evenings.

As I said I haven’t stayed here for years so don’t go on my word alone because obviously things change, go to my fav place for reviews and travel advice Trip Advisor. But going by the price, the beautiful beach, the kids club and the reviews I’ve read it seems to be a good bet for a fun All Inclusive family holiday. 

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