Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bagging a cheap holiday

So when all the sales seem to be coming to an end Virgin decided to be different and grab more attention by extending their sale till 19th February. So you still have time to go book that exotic holiday you’ve been craving. I’ve also noticed shops slowly brining out their summer stuff so even if you fly out in the next week or couple months you should still be able to get a cute summer wardrobe. Oh, and I’ve seen sunscreen on the clearance shelves in Primark and Morrisons, I actually picked up 2 coloured spray on sun blocks for the kids for only 75p because I know how pricey they can get if you buy them when it’s not in season.

Soo.. yeah, what are you waiting for, go book that holiday at least then you’ll have a real reason to lose that ‘Christmas Belly’ lol it also gives the kids something to look forward to. I really wish I could get away from this random weather for a bit. Sunning myself on a lovely beach sounds like heaven to me right now.

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