Sunday, 5 January 2014

My new look for 2014... Until I get bored :)

So since I've been loosing weight (woop woop, finally) I found that I'm now able to wear clothes I purposely avoided before. I've fallen back in love with Body Con dresses and went a bit crazy in the H&M sales buying up any interesting ones. The plan is to eventually be able to wear these unaided *cough cough without being sucked in by super firm Spanx*
My sister also got me this fab biker jacket from New Look for Christmas (I was soooooo happy because I don't normally get presents) and I plan on teaming the two with my chunky biker boots to form a look I like to call... wait for it... 80's Rock band groupie chic! Yes I invented that, but just in case it already exists, Ssshh just pretend I said it first :)
I'm even gonna do the 80's/early 90s big hair oooooh I can't wait! I may even make an effort on the school runs too... yeah.. who am I kidding? There seems to be an unwritten rule that you must look like shit or totally stressed out and confused on the morning leg of the school run then slightly better or like a completely different person by the time you pick them up at hometime.

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