Thursday, 16 January 2014

My hair timeline

Sooo I've finally started making videos and properly started my own YouTube channel . I said before I wanted to document Calis hair journey and seeing as I'm now back to the 'Creamy Crack' aka Relaxer I thought I'd document my hair journey too, basically by the end I wanna be bragging about how long and healthy our hair is, if it doesn't grow after all this effort I will cry and maybe just shave it all off (just mine not Calis, OMG if I ever cut off Calis I would never hear the end of it from my mum, actually she would probably moan at me too if I cut off my hair lol) This could get interesting....
But anywayz this is my hair timeline so you can see the many hairstyles I've had over the years and you can also see Fat Jade then not so fat Jade then preggers and bloated Jade then extra fat jade then semi normal Jade. Although it's about hair I did notice my change in weight more by looking at these pics. Oh well.. Enjoy!

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