Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy Birthday Cali

Oh before I start my kids birthdays are 8 days apart so expect me to be doing almost the same thing with RD next week :)
Disclaimer out the way lol, So it's miss madam Calis birthday. I can't believe she's been around for 5 years, that makes me feel really old. Most days it feels like I'm living with a teenager but underneath it all she's still my little munchkin. She's come so far in her 5 short years, I'm looking forward to (and a bit anxious of) what she will be like in another 5 years. Shes a very intelligent, strong minded and switched on little girl, sometimes I think she knows a little too much....
But no matter how much she may say 'I'm not your friend' or how much she may call for Auntie, Gran Gran or Daddy *rolls eyes* she always has and will always be a mummies girl *smug face*
After being over a week late and making a very dramatic entrance into the world on January 21st 2009 that could only be compared to a scene from ER, I knew that life with Cali would be anything but predictable and normal, which is great because I am not a fan of normal and if she was 'normal' I'm sure people would question if she was even my child lol
So if she continues to take after mummy (with the whole being abnormal thing) and does very well in school and goes the whole college and uni route I'm sure she will go onto great things.
Love her sooooo much and although she drives me mad sometimes I really couldn't imagine life without my beautiful little daughter *blinks back the tears*

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