Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bagging a cheap holiday

With statements like "Save up to £800" and "40% off holidays" it's clear the most important sales have started... yep it's the holiday sales!!!!!
Now if you're looking to get away with the munchkins and you're not restricted by school and can basically travel anytime of the year now is a great time to book. Have a really good look and take advantage of the sale prices and like I always say don't be afraid to haggle and phone around, as travel agents will always want to try and beat your previous price. You could actually end up with a really good deal.

My fav sites at the moment are:
Travelbag (better to call them and get their live prices)
Virgin Holidays (Their call centre staff are very helpful and friendly & tend to have first hand knowledge of certain areas/hotels, also if you book on the phone you can use your Flying Club discount)
British Airways (their prices can be very very very low in the sales and sometimes they can't even be beaten as I found when I initially enquired about another a trip to Barbados during the busy Crop Over season)
Expedia (If you call them they tend to give you a really good 1 time deal, but you have to book it on the spot)
TropicalSky (best to call them and they work hard to beat any previous quote & are very knowledgeable and will give you an unbiased view of wherever you're booking)

Unfortunately if you can only travel during the school holidays and are particularly looking
to travel long haul during the summer break, these sales won't mean that much to you. Maybe depending on when you book there might be a tiny difference but nothing as significant as if you was to travel during the low season.
When travelling during the summer break it really does pay to plan waaaaaay in advance and that's where you will see the difference in price, especially if it's just you travelling with (and solely paying for) the kids. I've probably said before but, I've been told by many travel agents that the best time to book a summer holiday is in April the year before when the fares/seats are just released, as the airlines tend to bring out a limited amount of 'cheap' seats to entice people to buy then once those have gone they gradually raise the price. So basically if you are planning a family summer holiday for 2015 then wait till April as apparently that's when you will get the best price. Now, I've not tried this method before, so I don't personally know how well it works, but I will definitely be looking into it once I decide exactly where I wanna take the kids next year. At the moment I'm leaning towards Florida as that seems like quite a family friendly place and it would be nice to go Miami and take the kids to Disney World. Plus I've never been to America before so it would be lovely for all of us to experience our first time together.
Oooooh how I love sales but obviously these are the best sales... Hmmm... actually I did love the H&M sales... OK, Holiday sales and H&M sales are the best things everrrrr, did I tell you about my new found love of H&M, well their sales anyways. Oh and they go together because you can book your cheap holiday then, go get some cute holiday clothes from H&M. Also, if the Gatwick big bosses read my last blog, because you know they hang onto my every word... hahahaha then they will put a H&M in the duty free section of the airport so you could do even more shopping for cute clothes literally just before you board your flight *Shrieks* soooo exciting!!! Oh...OK.. maybe it's just me *backs away slowly*

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