Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun, Fun Fun...

So I'm now finding that the worst part of having children so close together is the annoying phases they go through. Because Cali will go through a phase then RD will watch her and not just perfect it but be 10 times worse by the time he 'officially' goes through the phase. For example; Cali went through a phase of throwing the worst tantrums ever, she would kick and scream and throw herself on the floor and cry. Now RD clearly observed everything so now that he's officially going through a tantrum throwing phase he has made sure that his are 10 times more epic than any of Calis worse tantrums. Because he will not only throw a  tantrum, he likes to customise his tantrums so he may
throw a tantrum coupled with kicking or maybe another day he may throw a tantrum coupled with spitting or hitting or screaming or throwing something and whereas when Cali was doing it I could easily pick her up and put her in her bed to calm down with RD this method is a lot more difficult as he is heavy and strong and when he doesn't want to be lifted or moved in general he does that thing when kids make their body go ridged, it's literally like trying to move a house!

But I'm finding that RD's tantrums are quite predictable as I've noticed that he only tends to throw them when he's tired. So most nights I try to get him off to bed first to avoid the tantrums, which seems to work... sometimes... Also why is it that little boys love to scream, very loud aaaaaaaargh it makes my ears ring.

Also another 'lovely thing' RD seems to be doing is backchatting and refusing to do what hes asked. Even before he's really listened to what's being asked he's like NO! In my head I'm like aaaaaarrrrgh who told me to have kids so close together why didn't I wait 5 years like a normal person.????? He literally will answer back to everything and to think I was worried he had a speech problem and was sending him to  speech therapist, maybe them sessions worked a little too well, because now he literally can't close his mouth, sometimes I will even ask him if his mouth is sleepy from using it so much and he's like NO! He has also started a new thing where he will trouble or break something and instead of simply saying 'I didn't do it' he will try and make you question yourself, here's an example, I will hear him in my room jumping on my bed and be like:
Me: RD stop jumping on mummies bed
RD: Mummy you see me jumping on you bed?
Me: No
RD: Well then I easily didn't do it


Me: RD stop jumping on mummies bed
RD: Mummy you see me jum
ping on you bed?
Me: Yes
RD: You sure you see me jumping on you bed?
Me: Yes
RD: You wasn't in you bedroom you didn't see me so it easily wasn't me

He seriously believes he can get out of anything by saying 'It easily wasn't me' and I know exactly where he got that from, Cali!

Now I don't know if this is a boy thing, but RD every so often has what I call 'a moment of madness' where he will be fine then out of the blue will go completely bonkers. Most recently we were in Morissons and he was helping me pack the shopping even the cashier was like 'Aww such a helpful little boy' then, he literally did some quick sweeping motions with his hands where the sweets and mints are by the till and knocked them all off and started screaming, then I pulled him away and put him on the other side of me and he did it to the sweets by the next till. Luckily Cali was there to help pack everything back because he was too busy screaming and doing some evil laugh. Then as soon as we were about to leave the shop it's almost like he came down from his high and was like 'Sorry mummy' and went back to normal. Soooo bizarre although it doesn't happen often I'm always baffled when it does.

Not to be outdone Cali has now entered the equally as annoying phase of correcting everything I say and questioning or whinging about anything I ask her to do. Oh and she has also mastered the art of stomping off (really reminds me of Kevin and Perry) and in true Kevin and Perry style she will also scream 'It's not fair!' and 'I'm not your friend anymore!' a lot. So I'm hoping that since she seems to be going through adolescence now I should have no problems when she's older Ha! yeah I wish

So yeah I'm like sooooo loving these phases 3 and 4 are like the best ages ever.... *takes a shot of rum* yesss... that feels better hahahahhahhaa

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