Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shopping & Gatwick

Now I absolutely love Gatwick Airport it’s actually my favourite airport, If I can I try to make sure I always fly from there. I love the long coach ride there and I love wondering around when I’m there I really feel like ooooh my holidays started *cough cough time for Malibu although it’s 6am*. But although they’ve had some big refurb they still don’t have any real clothes shops in duty free.

I know a couple years ago they used to have a Next and I think they really need to bring back something that specialises in clothes like H&M... yeah H&M would be perfect! Especially when you have little munchkins who may have wet through all of the changes of clothes that you brought (which has happened to me) you just want somewhere reasonably priced to pick up a simple pair of joggers/leggings etc to carry on the plane just in case they have anymore accidents.
Now they do have
a JD Sports and I was forced to buy RD a very expensive pair of joggers from there because he had wet through everything and there was literally nowhere else to go. Also what made things worse was that I don’t think the joggers were supposed to be sold separately,it was displayed wrong, I think it was actually part of a set so any other time I would’ve had to purchase the whole tracksuit for around £40 which is totally ridiculous for a child who was under 2.

At least if there was a shop like H&M you could even pick up little knickers/pants for the kids if they’re potty training or a T-Shirt for if they’ve managed to spill breakfast down theirs, or you could even just pick up some last minute stuff for yourself that maybe you forgot to pack. Also because H&M caters to varying budgets I reckon it would be the perfect addition to Gatwick. Although if they did have an H&M I would probably need an extra hour in duty free and would probably go nuts and spend off my holiday money on accessories (as I’m obsessed with them) then be really sad once I’m on the plane and be wondering how I’m going to cope on holiday with no money...

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