Sunday, 8 December 2013

Reward Charts

After having to deal with some major tantrums from both Cali and RD I decided something needed to be done to stop them. These tantrums literally came from nowhere and were sooo epic sometimes even I was like OMG what is going on are you serious?! So... my neighbour suggested a reward chart (Thanks Alicia :)  So I had a search on eBay and found some costing £4 for 2 and 75 gold stars included. What I loved was that you could actually get them personalized. So I got one for each of them and Cali was soooo excited. Straight away she understood the meaning of the rewards chart and since I introduced them a week ago she has not thrown any tantrums at all because she knows that if she tries anything like that I will take away stars and she will not get treats at the end of the week.
Now, it took RD a bit longer to understand the meaning of the rewards chart, I was explaining how if he didn’t get stars for behaving he wouldn’t get his treat and he was like ‘Well I don’t want a treat!’ I was like ‘YES YOU DO!!!!’ hahahaha so I started giving him
stars for simple things like brushing his teeth properly and eating all his breakfast so he would see how good it feels to get the stars but also so he would see how it feels to get them taken away if he’s naughty. So since he’s got to grips with the reward chart he’s not thrown any tantrums either which is a major accomplishment, because he was starting to copy Cali but the only thing is his tantrums were worse and he’s harder to contain because he’s 10 times stronger and more stubborn oh and even worse he would spit too which was disgusting. He’s very relentless, so I’m very glad I haven’t had to deal with that this week (and hopefully won’t have to deal with it anytime soon)

So... So far the reward charts have been a hit. I’m not saying it has stopped the bad behaviour all together because they do still have their moments but it’s easier to get them to stop with the help of the rewards chart and the main thing is the tantrums have stopped. I’m hoping the rewards chart will continue to work and we never have any epic diva tantrums again because they were too much.
Now obviously with the rewards chart the main point is that they get a treat if they collect enough stars. I told the kids if they get stars every day of the week then they get a treat on a Sunday, which this Sunday is a Xmas Colouring book from the 99p shop. Also on a Friday as it’s just me and Cali until my mum brings RD home, if she gets enough stars I let her watch her favourite DVD. So you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy rewards you can just reward them with simple things that they already have. As it’s coming up to Christmas my next sets of rewards will probably include things like baking Christmas biscuits and making Christmas decorations/cards.

The rewards chart doesn’t just work inside the house you can also use it as a bargaining tool *cough cough bribe* outside the house too as I always say things like if you walk nicely etc you can get a star when you get home, then I find that they find more things that they can do to get a star, like who can hold mummies hand the best. It’s great I can’t imagine life with the rewards chart. I think this is a good age (nearly 4/5) because I don’t think they would fully understand it if they were any younger.

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