Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New Hair

So seeing as I change my hair so often I thought I why not do little mini posts on my new hair styles. So at the moment my hair is in crochet braids if you go to Simply into my hair, she has a tonne of info on them she’s like the hair guru. Anywayz, I’ve always loved big hair so thought I would go really big for Christmas and the good thing about this hair (Water Wave) is it’s very easy to maintain all I do is spray water on it in the morning’s fluff it and I’m ready to go which is perfect for busy mornings and school runs. This hair also works well on holidays, because it’s not a weave you can wear it up without tracks showing and it’s quite light so your head won’t get that hot. I am working on adding more of my signature green and some purple to it though.

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