Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Getting ready for the holiday

Before you even consider booking somewhere I would always recommend you read reviews on a site like TripAdvisor because you will learn a lot. Because normally the pics and info hotels put on their website may have been completely accurate when they posted it but now (maybe months or years on) things would’ve changed. I also wouldn’t stop at reviews if you want a true impression of the hotel or area you are considering go into the travel forums, I love these places you can really learn a lot, because it’s here that you will get true unbiased accounts of everything, I find the forums 10 times more helpful than reading a review. Also don’t be scared to message people on TripAdvisor if you have any further questions, I’ve done this plenty of times and people have been soooo helpful and will happily give you a detailed explanation to anything you wanna know. People have even messaged me on TripAdvisor and I’ve been like ‘ooooooooh a question’ *happy dance*  because a lot of the time people tend to more post if they’ve had a bad experience as opposed to a good or average stay, so really make use of things like this before you commit to staying somewhere.

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