Sunday, 8 December 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

So I normally hate taking the kids in town. If I need to go I will go when they're at school/nursery. They can never seem to behave themselves it's sooo annoying I usually just end up not even doing what we went in town to do and just head straight home. So clearly I was feeling brave taking the kids in town last week. Because they hadn't seen the Christmas lights in town yet I thought it would be nice for them to see them. Now the rewards chart worked perfectly in this situation as I laid out the rules before we even made our way to town and explained to them all the different ways they could get a star on our trip to town. OMG they were sooo well behaved, no tantrums no running off. They did take up a few things in the 99p shop but then put them all back nicely and helped me carry all the decorations. I was shocked! Normally I have to tell them off for everything and they will annoy me to death. The only thing that went wrong was when we were at the bus stop, because I misjudged how quick we would get there we actually had to wait longer than I expected for the bus and they just struggled to keep still, but then they got on the bus and sat nicely and enjoyed the ride home. I would even happily say I would take them in town again... yes... I am feeling brave.....

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