Wednesday, 27 November 2013


So after writing about my Trunki dilemma, I actually found an alternative, well... actually Cali found it in the Argos catalogue (And now wants one) It’s called a Skoot and its a ride on suitcase. Trunki they come various colours, but unlike the Trunki  you don’t have to pull it along, because it’s actually shaped like a little mini moped so the kids can sit on it, hold onto the handlebars and scoot themselves along. Also because it’s been hand luggage approved they can literally ride all the way to the plane and hopefully all that scooting will have them sooo worn out that they will just get on the plane and go straight to sleep.
The Skoot looks like a lot of fun though, if I was a child I would love this. But once again you would need really well behaved kids who always listen, umm... anyone have one of those..? *crickets* nope..?  Because if your kids are like any other normal preschoolers they will just take great pleasure in racing round the airport and crashing into things at high speed and generally being a nuisance with them and they will refuse to stop or slow down when you tell them, so that could be fun while going through security. Security will be like ‘OK we need to check your bag’ and they’ll be like ‘No, Weeeeeeee’ and whizz through and have having security guards chasing them.
But, if you have been blessed with very well behaved children then this would be perfect for you as it would keep them entertained and they would always have somewhere to sit so will not be bugging you with the usual ‘Mummy... my feet hurt, carry me’ whinge. Also if you’ve gone a bit crazy in duty free you can carefully balance it on the Skoot and wheel it down to the plane, result!

Also with it now being £19.99 in Argos (it was £30+ when Cali first showed it to me) it’s cheaper than a Trunki and who knows it may even reduce again in the post Christmas sales so if you was looking for a budget alternative to a Trunki then this is definitely it and by budget I don’t mean cheap crap it still looks as good but if you can get away with paying a lot less money then why not..

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