Thursday, 14 November 2013


So party season has officially begun for the kids again. RD went to his first party of the season last month and Sunday was Calis friends party. It's great when the parties are held in them indoor play parks because after a couple hours they're completely knackered and give me no trouble at all. When it comes to bedtime they go straight to sleep with no issues. 
They still have one more party to go to at the end of November then I'm sure more invitations will start arriving in their book bags.
Because parties at this age normally tend to involve a lot of activities and moving about its hard to think what to put them in. Because when you think party you think pretty party dress but then party dresses don't work in an indoor play park...
Another thing that's hard is what do you buy a 4/5yr old..? So what I now tend to do is just give them a H&M voucher, the way I see it that can then either get spent on the child or mummy can get herself something cute, either way everyone's

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