Friday, 1 November 2013

OMG where do I change my baby - Gatwick Airport

If you are flying from Gatwicks South Terminal and you’re thinking where on earth am I gonna change my baby? There’s a few places that I noticed. The 1st one being the baby change room right behind the Virgin customer services desk. Now this room is tiny (and a proper piss take if you ask me) it’s like the size of a toilet cubicle. You go in and there’s literally a changing table a chair and a nappy bin. Now I’m going to tell you all the ways this ‘baby changing room’ is so crap. Firstly, if you haven’t had the chance to check in your suitcases yet and you still have them on a trolley there’s absolutely nowhere to put it, you kinda have to have the trolley half in and half out the room which means it semi obstructs ladies trying to get to the toilets. Now most ladies will just squeeze by and give you the ‘don’t worry I’ve been there’ look but then you have the evil ‘OMG I hate children they’re such a burden’ women who will just stand by your trolley and huff and puff and try hurry you up to move your trolley but there’s literally nowhere else you can leave it.
Another reason why this room annoys me is
that if it’s just you and 2 small kids, because you have to leave the door open to park your trolley it means while you’re changing the little one the other one is free to just run off.
But hey at least it’s a changing room, but then if you need to use the toilet it’s another struggle to lug the kids and trolley (with heavy suitcases) to the toilets and all try and squeeze in.

But if you can I found it’s best to wait until you pass through security as the baby change rooms are sooo much bigger. There is literally space for everything and it’s clean and smells nice oh and the best thing of all, there’s actually a toilet in there too woop woop. I found 2 upstairs on opposite sides of duty free but, be warned if you are travelling during the high season expect to que for a while to get in those particular baby changing rooms. I did see some ridiculous ques there this summer with lots of grumpy babies and fed up looking parents.

Also (according to Gatwicks website) there’s some baby changing facilities once you leave the duty free area and you’re on your way to the plane but I’ve never used those ones so couldn’t even tell you what they’re like L

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