Monday, 4 November 2013

Long Journeys-Kids-Innotab

I really can’t recommend these enough. If you do a lot of long journeys with the munchkins an Innotab will be your best friend. It literally keeps my 2 occupied until the batteries run out.
If you’ve not heard of them, an Innotab is basically a child version of an ipad, you can download all kinds on apps for it and you can also store ebooks, music, photos and TV shows. You can also expand the memory with a standard memory card.

Most of the apps are learning based but have a fun/gaming element. I recently downloaded a load of apps for Cali and RD, I got everything from phonics and spelling to maths and I even put some pop music on there for them and a couple episodes of Jake & The Neverland Pirates on them.
What’s also good is
when you sign up to the VTech Learning Lodge you will get 3 free app downloads just to get you started.

Once the kids get the hang of it (which doesn’t take long especially if they’re used to troubling your phone) then it’s easy to let them to play on it and feel happy that they’re learning something new. I put an eBook on Calis Innotab where she can learn about the world and important places and facts which she loves. Also the apps are quite reasonable only £2.99 for the simple apps and the TV shows from £4.99, but, that's for like 3 episodes depending on what TV show you choose, but they do have all the kids favourites.

Now my kids have a dinosaur Innotab ie; the 1st ones ever made and they work just fine (although sometimes they are a little slow to load, but that's only in my eyes as I'm super impatient, the kids don't see a difference). But there are newer more fancy ones that do a whole host of cool things and I know the latest version, The 3S, has a built in camera, you can surf the web and you can send texts/picture messages from it and it comes with a rechargeable battery which is a great addition as these things drain batteries quick! So if you do get an older version just make sure you pack a load of Duracell batteries (Poundland batteries don’t cut it all, sorry I’ve tried, they last maybe 5 minutes)

Another good thing is the size/weight. Just like any other Tablet they’re quite slim and light (not flimsy enough to break though) so you can easily slip it in the kids backpack or even in your handbag.
Also if you’re flying and your kids are at an age where they are not yet that interested in the seatback TV then the games on there are perfect for keeping them occupied until you put them to nap (or till the food trolley comes around)
I found the Innotab a lifesaver in the hotel room especially if I was maybe sorting things out, getting dressed, doing some washing (or just being lazy) this worked well with Cali to pass the time otherwise she would’ve been up behind me literally tripping me over and making everything take 10 times longer to do.

As you can tell I just can’t recommend this enough even at home these allow me to have maybe 5/10mins peace and quiet where I can just relax without being bothered or having to break up a fight.
Oh yeah and you will probably want to get a protective cover and case to store them in I saw some colourful ones on ebay so will probably get mine from there.

Oh thank you Innotab people for giving me back my sanity now please create something that makes my kids go straight to sleep when I put them to bed lol

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