Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Have you packed yet?

If you’re still looking for cute summer stuff for your holiday I’ve seen some good buys in H&M again, in the sales of course, you know me lol.

I got Cali the cutest pair of stripy leggings (£4) they’re such good quality and a bit thicker than normal leggings, they also have a belt loop at the top, so if your little one has long legs but a tiny waist like Cali then the belt loop comes in very handy. Also these would be perfect for flying in, I’m thinking I may get another pair and put them down for next summer. I also got her a mini mouse T-Shirt (£3) which goes perfectly with anything and as it’s so girly can be dressed up or down.
I then went over to Primark and got Cali her first ever denim shirt (£5). I actually saw my neighbours daughter in one and thought OMG I will be copying that for Cali, I had to get it in age 7-8 which is crazy considering she’s only 4 and not a big girl (She’s tall but she’s quite tiny)

I also got RD the most retro looking Mickey Mouse T-Shirt (£4) I was looking at it thinking I would actually wear it if they did it in my size. Annoyingly since I got these, the kids sale in Primark seems to have disappeared overnight, but the H&M sale is still going strong so probably best to try there first.

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