Friday, 1 November 2013

Cali's hair journey

Now Cali has never had super long hair but it’s always been a pretty decent length and from what I’ve read she seems to have 4c hair which is proper afro where your curl pattern is more of a ‘Z’ than the regular ‘S’ curl.
When Cali was born she had completely different hair, it was very soft ringlets and it was super easy to manage I could literally put in a little bit of Olive oil and brush with one of them baby brushes and she would be good to go. But then just before her 1st birthday she woke up one day and her hair had completely switched. She literally had a completely different head of hair; the soft hair had been replaced with
thick, tough, off black, spongy hair. I was like Noooooooooooo (because I had previously been gloating about her ‘good hair’ and how easy it was to deal with) so since that day it’s been an uphill battle trying to find the right products that work well with her hair.
Even worse for me annoying she now has her dads hair. Now his hair is tough tough tough, like the definition of tough and will not grow past a certain length. I used to have to put a texturizer in his hair just to be able to plait it up for work for him.

Seeing as Cali is way too young for a texturizer I’ve been experimenting with various products and even mixing up my own concoctions.
Her hair is completely different to RD’s his hair is more like mine where it is jet black, super thick but a bit more manageable and he has a looser curl pattern so I can basically use my hair products on him and they will work fine but it’s been soo hard with her.
I recently discovered a Just for me shampoo that received a lot of good mummy reviews, but I just can’t seem to find it, so I took the key ingredients of the shampoo (Soya Milk, Honey and Shea butter) blended them together and created my own conditioning treatment. I put a load on Cali wrapped her hair up and let her sleep in it overnight. The next day I washed it out with some kids’ Olive oil and Shea butter shampoo and it worked wonders. Her hair felt soo soft and moisturized and was sooo easy to comb through and style, but, her hair literally drinks grease so although the Shea butter products seem to be agreeing with her hair, I’ve yet to find a product or particular brand that solves all her hair problems.
So this is the reason why I thought I’d start a video diary of her hair journey, as I refuse to let my baby have tough unruly hair for the rest of her life and I'm determined to make her hair long soft and manageable without chemicals (or too much heat)
I also thought a hair journal may help other parents who have little divas with similar hair types to Cali. So I shall be posting these on here and on YouTube.
I've posted some pics below of her hair over the years so you can see exactly how much it's changed.
Cali nearly 3 months

Cali 8 months

Cali 18 months
Cali 1yr old
Cali 3 yr old

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