Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

Speak to travel agents direct

This may seem strange for me to point out, but sometimes the shops have different deals to their websites, it's almost like they're separate entities. Also when you've enquired about a holiday direct they tend to send you emails whenever they have specific discounts available, they will normally have things like 'Save 10% this weekend only'
I know it's easier and sounds cheaper to just go online but sometimes you can grab a great deal by simply going into a travel agents to enquire, as when you are talking face to face I guess it's more personal so then they will try their best to get the lowest price possible for you and it also saves you the hassle of ringing round everywhere as they will always try and beat whatever quote (whether online on via another travel agents) you have been given and they will also give you a shop discount just to entice you to book through them.

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