Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Attitude City!

So I noticed that at the end of nursery in the summer Cali started to become a little bit rude and start backchatting. Now, she has always had mouth but it was never anything that bad so I thought OK I'll keep an eye on it...
As soon as she started school in September the behaviour just seemed to get worse, so where before she might've back chatted once in a while now it's an everyday thing and she has now developed some little sassy attitude almost like 'I will talk to you like that and you will do as I say' which obviously doesn't work with me. She has also now started to throw big diva tantrums and will randomly scream and stomp off over the tiniest thing. She has never been a tantrum thrower, the only time she has thrown tantrums was while on holiday (see previous post) but I kinda put that down to travelling far and being out of routine and in completely different surroundings etc because normally she would never throw a tantrum, now they're daily occurrence.

Cali has also started being super demanding rude and melodramatic. On Friday she had a meltdown because
she was adamant she was gonna eat some sweets someone had given her at school and I told her no. She knows I don't give her sweets, she's crazy enough without adding all that extra sugar to the mix. I remember giving her 1 single sweet on the plane to chew while we landed ( as I couldn't get to her raisins) and she turned into a monster! So I'm in no hurry to repeat that. Plus it was sour sweets so I was like no way they'll make you go bonkers.
So after she had her moment I was like 'OK hold my hand so we can walk home' then that obviously triggered something else... so that was a 'fun' walk home.

She has been sooo rude at times it s been unbearable and it's boring telling her off all the time and what makes it worse is that when she is good she's really good which makes everything seem 10 times worse when she is naughty. I was actually starting to think it was just her, then I started to read a lot of mummy forums and everyone had identical problems to me. It's so comforting to know that its not you who is the shit parent or got 'blessed with a child with a severe personality disorder' its just them going through yet another annoying phase.. Yay! NOT!. But one piece of obvious and common advice was to nip it in the bud now so they know its unacceptable and so you're not struggling with a worse version of this problem when they get older. Also most people said once their kids reached 6/7 their behaviour improved... so only 2/3 more years to wait... fun...

I'm a firm believer in disciplining your children outside the house the same way you would inside. I find mums get too self conscious of people watching their child act up and what they might be thinking, but I don't care. If my children are acting up I will discipline them, you can glare at me, shake your head and huff and puff all you like, but you wont affect my ability to deal with the situation and you won't make me feel pressured into reacting in a way I wouldn't normally. I've seen mums smack their child who is being naughty and then look horrified after and I'm thinking you know you don't normally smack your child, don't smack them because you think that's what other people think your child deserves. If you normally just take away a toy as punishment, just take away their toy and then on the other hand I've seen mums sit there and speak in some annoying 'forced' voice and act like everything s fine (while their child is spitting at them and kicking them) and I'm thinking you know if you was at home you would normally smack them. 

I guess it's all a learning experience, unfortunately kids don't come with an instruction manual, so a lot of it is really trial and error and I know there's like a billion more annoying phases for Cali to go through. I'm particularly looking forward to adolescence... I'm thinking at that time I may invest in a few good wigs so that I won't be ripping out my own hair hahahaha 

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