Wednesday, 30 October 2013


So I wanted to get the kids a Trunki for the longest time, I always thought it was cool how you could not only store their bits in there but also let them sit on it and pull them along through the airport. But now the more I've seen kids with them at the airport the more I've questioned their practicality for a single mummy travelling with 2 small munchkins.
Because normally when I reach the airport, I already have to struggle with a trolley load of suitcases/bags/buggy while simultaneously keeping track of the kids and making sure they don't run off to examine any bag with Peppa Pig on it, so how
would I pull along a child on a Trunki?
Also once I've checked in I still have my oversized bag, and by oversized I mean a bag big enough to hold a couple days worth of clothes just in case my suitcase goes missing) so that's already heavy without even contemplating pulling two kids on their Trunki. Oh and I didn't mention going through Duty Free (I do normally go a bit bonkers in Duty Free) so there's no chance of any free hands to pull anyone along. Now I know they don't have to ride on it, they can obviously pull it along themselves but by them not riding on it, it's almost like they're not getting the full Trunki experience.
I guess for a big family going on holiday a Trunki would be perfect or maybe even if you have just one child that could work, but for me I don't think its an option anymore, which is a shame because I really do like the look and the whole idea of them. But saying that, if the Trunki people did a bigger version with the same bright colours and characters that you could check in I would totally get one for the kids just because I love brightly coloured suitcases it just makes them easier to identify on the carousel and less likely for someone to 'mistakenly' pick it up.

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