Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mind the headlice

So one of the joys of sending your little one off to school is that every so often you will get that dreaded 'Headlice warning' letter. Now I remember kids having headlice/nits when I was at primary school and I would have thought that after all them years and soooo many products you can use for it, that it would be less common. But it seems to be just as common as it was years and years ago. I know I would freak out if I noticed something crawling round the kids heads so their hair is NEVER dry. Not only do I grease it up in the morning I then spray it with oil literally before we leave for the school run, trust me their hair is glistening kinda similar to a Jheri Curl hahaha. But the theory is if you make their hair greasy then nits etc find it hard to cling on. Ooooh just thinking about it is making my head itchy, I feel I need to go spray my hair now, OMG I've made myself sooo paranoid now. Wow my head is seriously itching. Oh the joys of motherhood... if it's not a letter about headlice, it's chicken pox, ring worm or something, I can't wait till they're teenagers I'm sure teens aint faced with these much illnesses.

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