Thursday, 31 October 2013

Have you packed yet?

Sale at...

If you're now looking for summer clothes for your munchkins for your exotic holiday Morrisons have a load of kids stuff in the sale. There's various T-Shirts and shorts with prices ranging from £1-£4 and that even includes 2packs of T-Shirts. I've actually had to force myself not to buy anything as both of mine have a suitcase full of summer clothes (that I'm hoping will still fit them next year) 
The Morissons that I went to had more of a variety of boys stuff, I wasn't overly impressed by the girls sale items. I'm not sure how long the sale is on for but they have some super cute T-Shirts for boys and their tees are such good quality, they feel so soft almost like a velvet or something.. hmm... now that I'm thinking about it I may have to get a couple for my lil man, Ssshhh don't tell anyone...

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