Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Have you packed yet?

Maxi Dresses
So Maxi dresses seem to be the best item of clothing to pack if you're going away  to somewhere hot, as they keep you cool during the day and you can dress them up at night if you're going to dinner or somewhere fancy AND they don't take up a lot of room in your suitcase.
I think maxi dresses are also good for hiding all your wobbly bits that you don't want people to see and emphasizing the 2 big wobbly bits you want to show off ;) don't worry if you only have 2 little wobbly bits a good push up bra will sort that right out lol
Ebay is a good place to start as I've seen soooo many variations you could
go plain and be like me and add a tonne of accessories or you could get some crazy neon coloured patterned one and embrace the whole 'I'm on holiday and I don't care if this dress glows in the dark' look.
The other good thing about Maxi dresses is you don't really have to fuss about what shoes to wear because no one can really see them, just chuck on a pair of flip flops (OK you could get a cute pair of embellished flip flops or something) and you're good to go. In addition to them not taking up much room Maxi dresses are also a big money saver because they are so easy to customize you could literally take a few dresses with you and make it look like 10 different dresses just by adding necklaces, chunky bangles and changing up your hair or maybe adding a little waistcoat, belt or fancy floaty scarf.
I would always recommend wearing flats with a Maxi because if you like your Maxi super long heels are very easy to get caught in your dress and you don't wanna be tumbling over to the point where you're sliding along the ground and your dress comes over your head and that cute guy you've been eyeing by the bar sees you were wearing your Bridget Jones knickers that day hahahaha that's not happened to me by the way.... OK... it has.. but not fully, I had to save myself because I knew I had on my Bridget Jones knickers and didn't want them exposed so I did the whole swimming thing where you save yourself from falling by flapping your arms about like you're swimming until you regain your balance.

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