Monday, 28 October 2013


So Cali is a big teeth grinder and I really don't know why. It sounds sooo painful and it makes me feel funny when she's sleeping with me, I just can't take the noise it makes me wanna grind my teeth too strangely enough.
I know I used to grind my teeth when I was younger and I was never aware I was doing it. I remember anytime I stayed at my aunties my cousin would be like errr you was grinding your teeth in your sleep again. As far as I'm aware I don't do it anymore but I never really found out what was causing me to grind my teeth so I don't have a clue why Cali does it. She's not doing it every night anymore but when she does it, it's soo loud and forceful it makes my teeth hurt. Sometimes I will even go in and kinda softly massage her jaw because it just sounds so painful. She doesn't complain that her teeth hurt the next day and I haven't noticed anything wrong with her teeth which is good but I'm just still a bit baffled as to why she is grinding her teeth. RD did it for a short period when he was really ill and had chicken pox but it's not a regular thing for him as he's not done it since. I'm hoping it's just one of them childhood things that she will eventually grow out of (without any real damage done to her teeth)  I guess I'm gonna have to google it...

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