Thursday, 31 October 2013

Food, Wine, Rum

If you're looking to escape this random weather and head off to Barbados next month then you may be interested in this, which sounds like the best festival ever. The Food & Wine and Rum festival runs from 22-25th November and is at various locations around the island. There's everything from cooking demos to cocktail seminars and even music which sounds like a lot of fun. There are events during the day and the evening so you can just choose whichever works best for your schedule. Maybe it would be good to look into getting a sitter for the kids if you decide to go to a daytime event, then you can take your time, relax, socialize and sample EVERYTHING in peace and fully enjoy the event. Also how much do kids really care about good wine (unless it's maybe endorsed by Peppa Pig)
One year I will finally reach this event as it definitely sounds like my kinda party! Woop Woop!

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