Friday, 6 September 2013

Word Tins, Spanish and Cocktails

So I made the kids a word tin today, well more like a word box as I had no tins... I used to love my word tin at Primary school and got through the words very quickly. Do they even still do wordtins at school? Probably not, I guess it's probably all computerised now (wow I sound like an oldie) anyway Cali really impressed me, she could spell everything I gave her. I even tried to catch her out and she still knew how to spell the words. I think I may actually have to do some longer/harder words for her. RDs not quite ready yet though...

I also did a mini Spanish class with them RD believes everything is called la mariposa (butterfly) so I just left him to it at least he learned something lol and that seems to be his favourite Spanish word. As Cali has grasped it quite quickly I'm trying to teach her sentences so at the moment she can say 'Hello my names Cali I'm 4yrs old' once she gets more fluent I guess I'll have to take her to Spain (or La Tasca lol)

I heard it's best to get children into languages from young as they pick it up quicker, so I'm going to continue until they are both fluent in Spanish then we can speak it round the house and it will also be good if we get to travel to any Spanish speaking countries, there's always good deals to Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba.. Mmmmm Havana Club Rum..... yummy....
Teaching then Spanish also forces me to brush up on mine as I'm sooo lazy when it comes to communicating in Spanish even in texts I'm really bad I'll normally respond with one word answers or even better respond in English lol

I do feel like we've had quite a productive day though and it seems like learning wears them out as they both went straight to sleep with no objections. I feel like I've been a proper teacher today and like all good teachers I now need a good strong drink :-D

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