Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nottinghill Carnival

So I know it's a bit late, but yes I jumped with a band for Nottinghill Carnival this year and it was soooo much fun. I jumped with Chocolate Nation on the Sunday and Dynasty on the Monday. I was really looking forward to carnival this year as I didn't get to experience Foreday Morning or Grand Kadooment (the big carnival) in Barbados as I was just too ill. I also look forward to carnival as it's the only time for the whole year I get a full weekend to myself.

Lucky for me being ill worked in my favour as I managed to loose enough weight (purely through being forced to live on a diet of dry foods) to look good and feel comfortable enough to dance down the street in a leotard. If this was last year
there is no way you would catch me in this, I was huge! I felt so confident (I've since put on weight so wouldn't be caught dead in this)

 If you've ever thought of jumping with a band, you really should try it, its the best and a great way of experiencing carnival as Police will move barriers for you so you don't have to walk all the way round the world just to come back to a spot maybe a metre from where you was just standing to go toilet. Also everyone wants to take pictures with you, I actually felt like a celeb people were literally calling me and my friends over to take pictures with them and we got soo much compliments from females which was shocking and lovely and the same time. 

Me and my friends literally danced for around 8hours straight and when I say dance we was wukkin up hard to Soca music. Now this isn't to be confused with that twerking fuckeries, we aint strippers round here. If you don't know what wukkin up is here is an example...(this isn't me by the way lol)
It was sooo much fun, it was a nice vibe there was no problems in the band everyone was happy and friendly and the weather was beautiful (and the drinks were free) so do you really need anymore convincing to go... lol I really took advantage of the freeness the Rum was my friend. The band also give you food normally chicken/fish and rice n peas but annoying as I was on dry food I could only eat rice, boo! 
Jumping for carnival is definitely one of the best workouts I've done this year, when I got home and undressed my stomach was flat and my waist was all in like I had curves (and normally I look like a blob even when I've lost weight)
Really looking forward to jumping next year. My friends wanna wear the more revealing costumes that literally just cover your nipples but I'm like hmm.. my boobs aint exactly small I'm just scared the straps will snap and boobs will be like YES! FREEDOM!! 
But, yeah Carnival.. Loved it!

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