Sunday, 1 September 2013

No Kids Club, No problem

If you're in Barbados and really can’t stretch to All Inclusive  and you’re staying B&B or Self Catering with no Kids Club don’t worry there's still plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained (and wear them out) during the day. One of my favourite (and strangely not that obvious) places is Chefette, now this is a great place to take the kids because not only can you get something to eat and the kids won’t complain as it’s all fast food that they would probably love but there some selected Chefettes that actually have an outdoor play park which is great to let the kids loose in. It’s full of lots of fun things to keep the kids entertained like slides and climbing frames etc and the floor is that spongy tarmac so no nasty falls or accidents. You can literally leave them in there for an hour or so and they will run around until they're completely knackered. One word of advice though if you plan on going, let the kids wear leggings or long shorts as Cali had on normal shorts and couldn’t slide down the slide she just got stuck to it so ended up scooting down poor thing.

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