Thursday, 26 September 2013

New trainers.. once again

So once again it's that kinda time where I have to buy new trainers for the kids as both of their last pairs have literally been worn to death.
Now anyone who knows me knows I don't dress my kids in labels (mostly because they're expensive and I'm not minted and also because I would give myself a headache running round after them making sure they don't ruin them expensive things) I brought Cali a pair of Minnie Mouse Hi Tops from Next for the summer they were £21 and that was expensive to me, I don't even like the wind to blow on them. They're canvas and and have glitter on them so would also be a nightmare to clean, now I'm wondering why I even brought them.. Oh yeah they were pretty and comfy... yeah never doing that again. She's probably worn them once,luckily there's room so they will probably fit her next summer.

Anyway I believe you can make kids look just as cute in 'no name' trainers from George or Primark, so
that's exactly where I looked to get their latest pair of trainers.

I got RD some Avengers Mid Tops which he loves and also some Spider man trainers (both from George at Asda) which are super comfy and bouncy (these are the first things I check because if they don't feel comfy/padded or well supported then I will send them back no matter how cute they are)
RD being a boy, loves superheroes so he was soo pleased when he saw I had got these for him

I also got Cali a cute leopard print High Tops and Hello Kitty High Tops (which she actually chose herself from George at Asda)

Although I love [Nike] Blazers I refuse to spend a tonne of money on trainers that they will grow out of/mash up soon, plus everyone and their mum has a pair. The amount I paid for 4 pairs of trainers is more or less the price of one pair of childrens Blazers, Crazy!!! Wow now I'm thinking if I would've got 4 pairs of Blazers for the kids that would be the same price as a last minute weekend break or a couple monthly food shops either way I couldn't justify spending that amount, (ask me again when I'm rich :)

I'm trying to teach the kids from a young age that they don't have to follow fashion or try to look like everyone else or wear expensive clothes to look cute or fit in as that's the same philosophy I live by (I'm also trying to save myself from the hassle when they're teens and want the latest everything)

I guess it's easier to me for me to dress the kids in these kinda things because I dress a bit quirky so I guess my style rubs off on them. I also don't buy them clothes/shoes because they're 'in' if anything that fact alone will make me steer well clear, I buy them stuff  because it's cute, childish, colourful and fun I'm not trying to dress RD like he could be my boyfriend (believe me I've seen a lot of that about)
I think I somehow strayed off topic, but, my point was if you're a single mummy trying to be frugal with your spending and want some cute new trainers for the kiddies there's lots of great alternatives my top 5 fav places are:
*Sports Direct

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