Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Have you packed yet?

So if you're lucky enough to be going on some fab exotic holiday in the next few months, now is the best time to get your summer clothes as October/November time will be near impossible to find any cute cheap stuff (trust me I've made that mistake before). There's still a lot of bargains floating around as shops scramble to get rid of their summer stock and make way for the winter. I've seen so much cute summer stuff for myself and the kiddies.
I went in H&M the other day and found
some cute colourful things for Cali, now I'm hoping she doesn't have some huge growth spurt between now and next summer. The leggings are those half leggings that come just over the knee which is what Cali lived in when she went to summer playgroup. I prefer to not put her in shorts as she's sooo accident prone and always falling I just feel more at ease with something covering her knees as she always falls forwards and scrapes up her knees.
The T-shirts are all long and can easily be warn over the leggings to cover little bums and I just randomly picked up the caps because I thought they looked a bit different and they were only £1, bargain!!
The H&M I went in didn't have that much boys summer sale stuff but there was a tonne for girls. With this I think it's best to go in store and have a good rummage around as some of the stuff I've brought they either haven't been on the site or they are on the site for at full price. Also be very vigilant as some of the clothes have been marked down more than once so the same top may be 2 different prices and obviously you want the cheapest one.
So have a look it's quite cheap so you don't have to worry about eating into your holiday money.
OK so we have:
Minnie Mouse T-Shirt £2
Hello Kitty T-Shirt £3
Butterfly T-Shirt £2
Leggings - £4 (come as a pack of 2)
Zebra print Snapback £1

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