Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Don't kids say the loveliest things...

Has anyone else noticed a big increase in the use of the word pooh with their 3/4 year old. Cali seems to be totally obcessed with the word right now which has now rubbed off on RD so now he often uses that word too. She uses pooh to describe literally everything, I've actually never heard that word used so much or so randomly before;

Me: Who did you play with at school today?
Cali: The same people as yesterday, pooh pooh and pooh pooh

Me: Oh look *pointing to her coat peg at school* what name does that say?
Cali: Pooh Pooh

Cali: I put my hat in my bag cuz it's made of pooh pooh
Me: *horrified* What?! (now thinking she somehow managed to get some kinda pooh all over her good
Cali: *pointing to a perfectly clean hat* Look mummy it's a pooh pooh hat

Me: Aww that's a lovely drawing, is that mummy?
Cali: No it's pooh pooh

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