Monday, 12 August 2013

Team Bikini Body

So as it's carnival season heres a fun Soca workout, and dancing to Soca is definately a brilliant way to sweat off the pounds and look extra hot in that cute bikini on the beach. Also I find that dancing workouts don't feel like work and if theres one thing I hate it's workouts that feel like you're working out as I find them soooo boring, at least with dance based workouts you can get into the music and just do your own thing.

Also heres a standing abs workout, just because I hate sit ups they bore me and hurt my back and I find I don't see results from them no matter how much cardio I do on top. I also add parts of this into my morning mini workout routine. Also as it's Jillian Michaels you know it works,She-is-a-monster! I have a few of her DVDs and they are sooo intense but you see results quick. I remember doing 6 week 6 pack, wow, after I felt like I could vomit and felt dizzy and faint, thats how intense it is, but it's boring so obviously I didn't complete the 6 weeks.

Lastly heres another dance based one it's only 10mins so easy to do once the kids are in bed and doesn't eat into your 'mummy time' too much. It seems easy but trust me the next day your stomach and your sides will ache... a lot! Like you will probably need to rub some deep heat on, its that painful, but then I guess it means it works.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these and I so didn't think of rubbing deep heat on my tummy (which currently kills) and I have some from when my legs were killing. keep up the good work