Saturday, 10 August 2013

Flying long haul with the kids - RD

 So after taking Cali to Barbados I felt it was only right that I took RD (who was then 18months) on the next visit (which was free by the way, I will explain how I ended up with a free holiday in another blog) Just like with Cali, me and RD caught the coach to Gatwick at like 2am so obviously I didn’t sleep the night before, thinking I would get some shut eye on the coach, wow how wrong was I?! RD was VERY awake and very fidgety and didn’t wanna sit still so I had to stay awake and entertain him until we finally reached the airport. By the time we got off the coach all the passengers knew who he was and they went out of their way to say bye to him and wish him a safe journey while he blew kisses at all the ladies.

Luckily I thought to bring his reins,
otherwise that would’ve been another nightmare as that boy is a runner he’s like a mini Usain Bolt!

By the time we had reached check in RD had already managed to wet through a pair of trousers so then I had to scuttle off and find a toilet near check in with a baby change and the one near the Virgin check in area is the most awkward place every to change a child, especially if you still have your suitcases on one of those trolleys. There is absolutely nowhere to put the trolley so you have to kind of leave it in the entrance to the toilets then annoying childless women stand there and huff and puff and roll their eyes instead of using their common sense and walking around your trolley.

So after changing RD into a completely new outfit and giving all them stupid woman daggers I made my way back to checkout, where one woman checking us in turned into about 5 women fussing over RD and thinking it was cute how he was trying to climb onto the scales to get weighed with the suitcases. So after giving them all hugs (which was the real reason they all came out there) and blowing them kisses, we swiftly passed through the family security clearance gate (where I once again was stopped for having RD’s empty sippy cup in my bag) and went straight to find somewhere to eat breakfast.

After my last experience with Cali in Frankie and Bennys (and the fact that I was quite underwhelmed by the food there) I thought I’d find somewhere else to eat, so we tried The Flying Horse (I think it’s called) it’s a Wetherspoons place and was quite spacious and I could easily manoeuvre the buggy through and it wasn’t that full which was nice. So after my full English and his porridge I found that he had wet through yet another nappy. So once again off we went to change him (OK so that’s 2 changes from the 3 changes of clothes I packed in his little bag) luckily the baby change areas through security are a lot better there’s a huge room for you to change the baby and there’s a toilet in there as well which is important I feel, as some places have no toilet which I find very bizarre it’s like sooo my baby went to the toilet am I not supposed to go? So do I have no bladder??? Clearly stupid men designed those ones.

So to my surprise RD actually fell asleep and allowed me to have a good browse around duty free. I guess I let that go to my head and was enjoying the make up at the MAC stand too much and noticed that makeup was randomly shaking and falling over so I moved over slightly and saw it happened again, then looked down and saw RD wide away swinging his arms and legs trying to knock down all the makeup near him. So I quickly got my (overpriced but totally glam) lipgloss and made a quick exit.

I then realized that he had once again wet through (it’s like he was drinking water in his sleep) So that meant I only had 1 more change of clothes to last a whole 8 hour flight which obviously made me panic so I had to end up buying a pair of the most overpriced joggers ever for a 1 year old. £22 for a pair of some odd offkey greyish kinda Adidas joggers, I was not amused.

Once on the plane I put RD to sit with his teddy while I packed our bags in the overhead compartment, went to sit back down OMG where is RD?!!?! Teddy is still there sitting nicely RD managed to get to the other side of the plane. Finally found him and brought him back, this then continued, everytime I  blinked someone would be like ‘Hes over here love’ during the whole 8 hour flight he literally just ran up and down the plane and I was soooo knackered I felt dead. He sat in everyones seats or he would be on some older ladies lap babbling away everyone thought he was great, he even had the grumpy old men smiling and attempting to communicate with him. He slept for 1 hour close to the end of the flight then woke back up and disappeared again. Literally the whole plane knew who he was. When we got off the plane people were actually turning around to wave at him and give him high 5s it was like a real YouTube moment.

This time (after having a go at the Virgin staff beforehand and demanding to speak to a manager) my buggy was actually on the tarmac waiting for me which made life so much easier and I was able to be a bit smug again.

So after him being a nightmare on the flight and trying to open my cousin’s car door while we were driving down the highway I was preparing for the worst as we got to the hotel. But strangely he was the complete opposite to Cali he was a little angel for the whole stay, so well behaved, listened and did as he was told and he loved the kids club and always wanted to go there which meant I got a lot of Me time in which was great.

The only thing about RD is he is a runner so he would wait until I had 2 plates of food in my hand and just run off, I remember one time he did it and all these huge American guys were trying to block his path and he was dodging them and rolling under their legs and everything I remember some lady saying *in an American accent* “Wow that little guy is a machine, he’s sooo fast” so yeah after that he wore his reins a lot.

But I had such a relaxing holiday RD was no trouble at all everyone in the hotel knew RD as he would say hi to everyone we passed and blew kisses at ALL the ladies. Whenever RD wasn’t with me everyone I would pass would be asking for him. Even on the ZR (mini bus) if the drivers would stop and shout someone they knew RD would stick his head out the window and try shout the same person and mimic what the driver had just said so anytime we went on a ZR I would find a lot of random people waving at RD because he had probably shouted them in a previous trip.

So after all the good behaviour it all came crashing down on the way to the airport RD just started crying and crying.. and crying in the car and wouldn’t stop. He then continued to cry on and off until we got on the plane and the crying turned into that screaming kinda cry (highly irritating) and I literally couldn’t get him to stop. He wouldn’t even eat (and this boy loves his food) then I noticed the slow blink and his eyes rolling round his head then he just fell asleep. I was shocked, he slept the whole flight and I finally managed to get some sleep.

So once again totally mixed feelings on my travel experiences as they were total opposites one was a great traveller and bad on the holiday and the other was perfect on the holiday and bad on the plane. I’m hoping by the next trip everything would’ve evened out and both the journey and the stay will be smooth.
So instead of going to the back & sitting down like everyone else RD goes straight to the front and tries to drive the mini bus

He was totally obsessed with this blue cap
Our room and yes thats my wig that RD is fighting with on the floor lol
Weird combination but he chose it and ate it all bless him

By one of the very many water features at the hotel

With 'MeeMor' the snowman

The one place he couldn't run off 

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