Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

Sign up for an Airmiles scheme

Avios and Virgin are the main ones that spring to mind. If you plan to travel more with Virgin then it's best to just sign up with Virgin miles and reap the benefits of being a member, if you prefer BA or other airlines it's best to register with Avios.

Now I'm mostly going to talk about Virgin as I have first hand knowledge of this, but I've included the link to Avios so you can have a nose and see what it's all about.
If you sign up with Virgin you have the extra benefit of saving an extra 7% off your holiday with them. Now 7% doesn't sound like a lot but when you're spending hundreds or even grands 7% knocks off a good piece of change, it's a noticeable amount. Also as you move up the membership ladder (as they start you on Red, then you move to Silver then Gold) the more you save and obviously the more benefits you get.

So even if you haven't taken your flight yet you can still sign up then once you book you can give the agent your frequent flyer number and get your little discount. Well... actually make sure you ask for the discount as they may not automatically apply it...

Also if you normally do your monthly shop at Tesco you can actually change your Clubcard points into Virgin Airmiles, then after changing them into airmiles, you can then change them into holiday vouchers and use them towards the cost of your holiday. For every 10,000 miles you have you get a £50 holiday voucher. Also with Tesco keep an eye on their site as every so often they will have specials on where you can exchange your Clubcard Vouchers for more than normal. I remember when I exchanged mine it was for 3 times as much and then I opted in to automatically convert my Clubcard points into airmiles and got either 1000 or 2000 airmiles on top, not bad *smug face*
So that's 2 discounts there already, you're well on your way :)

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