Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Not another mummy blog... yawn...

Well seeing as I'm a mummy and I'm blogging technically this is a mummy blog, but I'm not gonna bore you stuff you really can't be arsed to read, because if you can't be arsed then I would definatelty find it boring too.

The main purpose of this blog is to show you how to travel long haul with small kids, from the saving part to haggling prices, to finding real family friendly hotels with kids clubs and then all the stuff to do with holidays, like fashion cute bikinis that can hide your wobbly bits, kids summer clothes.

Also you will find some random stuff about the kids and maybe a rant about some annoying phase they're going through. Also I'm on a quest to not be fat anymore so I will have a page dedicated to my weightloss journey just because I know as a mum it's hard to loose weight and I refuse to diet, I think diets are bollocks, I don't get why you would need to deprive yourself because once you come off the diet you just go eat the same food you had been banned from eating for a month and then you turn into a whale and just hate life, then you have to find some next miracle diet to loose the weight again. So if any of my weightloss methods seem like something you would wanna try then please go ahead. Also I've had 2 c-sections in the space of a year so loosing my belly is taking forever, so if you've had a c-section and managed to loose your belly please share any tips you may have.

I will also be posting things to try after the kids have gone to bed, whether it be a new cocktail recipe, new music, short story, OOTD, some cute shoes I've just seen, a cool tattoo, a funny video basically anything cool and interesting there wont be too much writing in this section, mostly pics for you to flick through.

So yeah.. thats about it, hope you enjoy :)

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